Calmmoon Marine/Sheet (Sound Absorbing Sheet)

Sound Insulation Panels

Developed in 2002 by SEKISUI Chemical Co.,Ltd in Japan, the material is used in the marine, railroad, automotive and aviation industries. Calmmoon sound insulation panel consists of a 0.5 mm thick synthetic resin layer and a 0.8 mm metal layer (variable depending on the design). The material thickness of 1.3 mm and a weight of only 6.9 kg/m2 guarantee simple and very easy handling. In practical use, noise reductions of up to 5.8 dB(A) have been measured on ship cabin walls, for example.
In addition to its special performance, Calmmoon Marine/Sheet is, of course, certified accordingly for use in vessel industries.

Mechanism of Noise Reduction

When a steel plate vibrates, it also produces air vibration, which causes high noise. If Calmmoon Marine is applied on a steel plate, the steel vibration is absorbed in the resin layer and the noise is reduced.

Application Example and Basic Properties