Foam Lamination and Mounting Tapes

Low VOC Foam Lamination Tape #5782 and #5782 LSV

Ultra low VOC and Low Emission double-faced, non-woven tape with high adhesion that is suitable for use in vehicle cabins. It meets all guidelines for specific VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and has a very low TVOC. Applicable to a wide range of automotive interior substrates such as PP, PE, PU and EPDM materials.

Low VOC Foam Lamination Tape #5782
Low VOC Foam Lamination Tape #5782
Low VOC Foam Lamination Tape #5782 LSV
Low VOC Foam Lamination Tape #5782 LSV


  • Low Odour and ultra low VOC tape providing a better air quality for passengers inside the car
  • Excellent repulsion resistance on curved surfaces
  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to NVH, sealing and gaskets parts such as EPDM, PU and PE Foam
  • Excellent adhesion to low surface-energy parts such as PP plastics
  • Does not contain the 13 harmful VOCs


Foam Lamination seals, gaskets and insulation materials for:

  • HVAC
  • Airducts
  • Instrument Panel
  • Center Console
  • Door Panel
  • Audio System
  • B-Pillar
  • Cowl Top
  • Windscreen

Standard Size


Wire Harness Tape #735A

Single-faced adhesive tape composed of polyethylene cloth and a toluene-free acrylic adhesive for wire harness. Excellent workability; very easy to tear by hand. Strong adhesion to olefin materials such as PP and PE.

Standard Size


Oily Surface Tape #586

Double-faced adhesive tape made out of thin, non-woven fabric and coated with rubber adhesive. Excellent adhesion to oily surfaces such as door locks and seat frames. Provides a superior fit on curved surfaces and edges.

Standard Size


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