Functional Foam Tape 5200 Series

Specialty tapes to be used in the interior to affix, mount and bound HMI and display related devices.

#5200 Series- Line-up of very thin and soft black foam lamination tapes with various thicknesses and adhesives for automotive interior and exterior use. Specialty tape for the mount of CID units, displays and display covers with excellent impact absorption, dustproofing and waterproofing properties.


  • Foam tape has strong adhesive strength and durability to absorb high impacts.
  • Bond well onto uneven surface and excellent water and dust-proof capability.
  • Provide excellent repulsion resistance and strong adhesion to bond to a curve surface of objects.
  • Have a wide range of thicknesses, which makes it possible to respond to various design needs.


Product Line Up

Comparison of Physical Properties: Adhesion Test

Comparison of Physical Properties: Compressive Strength

Comparison of Physical Properties: Shear Adhesive Strength

Comparison of Physical Properties: Peel Adhesive Strength