SEKISUI CHEMICAL GmbH was established in 1962 as the representative organization of Sekisui’s European operations to provide various advanced solutions through import and export activities between Sekisui Japan and the European markets.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL GmbH offers outstanding solutions for industrial applications with focus on the following business fields.

ESLON® DC Plates
Antistatic plastic sheet with superb static dissipative performance and an excellent clarity while meeting highest industrial standards. Main applications are shielding for semiconductor machineries and ESD sensitive devices. Available in four base materials: Polycarbonate, PMMA (Acrylic), PVC and C-PVC. Among clear transparent version further colours are available.

FFU® sleepers
Manufactured using a pultrusion technique. Polyurethane is impregnated into continuous glass-fibre strands and a composite of the materials is obtained by curing at a aised temperature. FFU® is highly durable and easy to work with, very similar to natural wood.

Calmmoon rail
High-performance vibration-absorbing material with the optimal combination of resin and metal to insulate sound with an 3 dB average noise-reduction effect.

Calmmoon marine
Sound insulation panels for noise reduction of ship cabin walls and similar applications.
Up to 5.8 dB(A) of noise reduction can be achieved with just a 1.3mm thin sheet.
Calmmoon Marine is certified for the use in all vessel industries.

Photosensitive Resins
Liquid adhesive and sealant series for automotive electronics applications.Moisture, UV or heat-curable used for sealing, ODF and fixture for various display applications such as optical lenses, smart phone cover glasses, FPD, CID, smart windows etc. Available with low-outgas and low water-permeability features with a wide variety of viscosities, colors and functions

DM Tape
Specialty tapes to be used in the interior to affix, mount and bound HMI and display related devices. Very thin and soft black foam lamination tapes with various thicknesses and adhesives for automotive interior and exterior use. Mainly used with CID units, displays and display covers for excellent impact absorption, dustproofing and waterproofing properties.

RP Film
Process related clean film with outstanding stability and low emission features for PCB/FPC heat-press and for liquid-crystal glass processes with drastically reduced outgassing, high mechanical strength and dimensional stability even at high temperatures.

Foam Lamination and Mounting Tapes
Double-sided foam lamination tapes for the mount and fixture of automotive parts including weather strips. Also available as single-faced adhesive tape composed of toluene-free LOW VOC acrylic adhesive and polyethylene base material for wire harnesses. Strong adhesion to olefin materials, such as PP and PE.

Microspheres to even out cell gaps or maintin electrical conduction.These plastic particles posess a very fine and uniform distribution of particle sizes for a variety of uses in semiconductor-, automotive- and optical applications. Available metal-coated particles allow for conduction while gap properties can be evenly controlled.

Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation
SPR – spiral-wound technologies for the trenchless rehabilitation of old sewage and stormwater pipes, also available via a product configurator.

ESLON Valves
Plastic valves, pipes and fittings produced to the highest quality standards for safe applications. ESLON Plastic Valves are made from PVC, C-PVC, PP & PVDF up to size DN 600 for chemical and industrial applications.

MEFCO Valves
Plastic valves, pipes and fittings produced to the highest quality standards for safe applications. MEFCO Plastic Valves come in sizes up to DN 300 for economic water treatment with reliable sealing performance.

Fire Protection Materials
Fire protection materials for safety solutions in doors, windows, glazing and electronic applications. Fi-Block® is a fire-resistant intumescent that expands up to 30 times of its original thickness when exposed to flames creating an heat-insulating layer.