Fire Protection Material

"Fi-Block®" is a thin, flexible organic fire-resistant intumescent material using Sekisui Chemical’s advanced technology.

It differs from the more conventional, inorganic fire resistant and fire protection material. This is because the heat generated by a fire will cause it to expand, allowing it to perform its fire-resistant, fire prevention function rapidly and efficiently. "Fi-Block®" is exceptionally thin, flexible and easy to use.

It has been applied in a wide range of fire-resistant structures in housing and construction materials.
e.g. Fire barrier for Doors, Windows, Facades, Glazing, Cavity wall joints, Ventilation, Structural steel, Pipe penetration (firestopping) and others.

Product Line-Up

Fire protection materials for safety solutions in doors, windows, glazing and electronic applications.

Fi-Block® for fire doors – designed to seal the air space between doors and frames, prevent the passage of flames when a fire occurs. It can be processed into any type of shape based on customer requirement.
Fi-Block® for pipe penetration – capable of expanding 30 times its thickness to close off the pipe in a fire situation.
PUXFLAME™ – non-flammable rigid polyurethane foam that instantly suppresses the spread of fire when exposed to flames.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. conducts performance evaluations on all product types at our Fire-Resistance Design Center in Japan. We provide custom solutions for specific designs capable of fulfilling all your requirements for different fire-resistant and fire prevention applications.
As we are working with our own Fire-Resistance Design Center to evaluate the material's performance from the standpoint of product design, we are continously optimizing our products and focus in the development of new materials in order to achieve the highest performance in the industry.

Roll & Sheet Type
Roll & Sheet Type
Extrusion and Injektion Molded Parts
Extrusion and Injektion Molded Parts
Spray & Block Type
PUXFLAME™ non-combustible polyurehtane