Story // 24.11.2021

Hidden Heroes: SPR spiral wound technologies

With the series “Hidden Heroes”, we are taking a closer look at SEKISUI’s portfolio and offer deep but simple insights into the products of the European companies. This time, the SPR spiral wound technologies are introduced.
Story // 27.10.2021

New job within SEKISUI: Interview with Ramon Vlot

Ramon Vlot recently took over a new position at SEKISUI ESLON B.V. after a long-term engagement at SEKISUI ALVEO B.V.. We had the chance to meet him and talked about why he changed positions and what he likes about SEKISUI.
Story // 13.10.2021

Corporate Culture: How to brainstorm with Japanese clients or colleagues

The corporate culture in a Japanese company differs from other workplaces in Europe. Here's how to avoid misunderstandings caused by different cultural backgrounds.
News // 21.09.2021

Circular Economy: How SEKISUI plans to revolutionize the recycling process

SEKISUI has taken up the challenge to turn unusable waste into useful raw materials – for the health and sustainability of society.
Story // 15.09.2021

25 years at SEKISUI: Interview with Annabel Beyer, SEKISUI CHEMICAL GMBH

Annabel Beyer celebrated her 25 years anniversary at SEKISUI CHEMICAL GMBH last year. Learn more about the Customer Service Manager and her years at SEKISUI.
Story // 08.09.2021

Sustainability in everyday life

We put together a bunch of tips and interesting figures to deepen the understanding of responsibility and what impact our everyday actions can have.
News // 04.08.2021

ArcelorMittal and SEKISUI CHEMICAL announce carbon recycling partnership

ArcelorMittal and SEKISUI CHEMICAL announce they are partnering on a project to capture and re-use carbon waste gases from the steelmaking process.
News // 28.07.2021

Construction start for new FFU® plant in Roermond

Close to the other SEKISUI companies, the new plant will be built by SEKISUI ESLON B.V. and will manufacture synthetic wood for railway sleepers made from long glass-fiber-reinforced foamed urethane (FFU®).
Story // 07.07.2021

Hidden Heroes: ESLON®-DC ESD plates

With the series “Hidden Heroes”, we are taking a closer look at SEKISUI’s portfolio and offer deep but simple insights into the products of the European companies – starting with ESLON®-DC ESD plates by SEKISUI CHEMICAL GMBH.
News // 30.06.2021

SEKISUI in motion: From Kent to Bad Sobernheim

Being together, even if physically apart. And for a good cause. This was the idea behind this year’s virtual employee event „SEKISUI in motion“.
News // 26.05.2021

SEKISUI’s products for a sustainable environment and society

Since its foundation in 1947, the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has focused on contributing to environment and society through its business and products.
Story // 10.05.2021

SEKISUI at a glance

Would you like to learn more about the beginnings of SEKISUI and the goals for the future? Our short video on SEKISUI provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview.
News // 04.05.2021

SEKISUI POLYMATECH EUROPE meets high Safety, Environment and Quality standards

Safety, quality and sustainability are top priorities for SEKISUI POLYMATECH EUROPE, just as for every other SEKISUI company worldwide. The company’s performance has now been certified.
News // 22.02.2021

SEKISUI again honored for its ESG management

The S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook delivers one of the world's most comprehensive and independent analysis on corporate sustainability. SEKISUI CHEMICAL has been ranked again in this assessment and scored at "Bronze Class".
News // 27.01.2021

SEKISUI again awarded as one of the most sustainable companies in the world!

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. has been ranked for the sixth time in the “Global 100” ranking due to its corporate sustainability performance.
News // 21.01.2021

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Named to the CDP A List in Both Climate Change and Water Security

For the third consecutive year, SEKISUI CHEMICAL has been awarded a place in the Climate Change A List and the first time in the Water Security A List.
Story // 14.12.2020

A modern place for innovative thinking

Have a look at the Minase Innovation Center, fostering internal and external fusion as well as innovation. 5 creative floors hold values for both employees and customers.
News // 08.12.2020

SEKISUI to produce Synthetic Railway Sleepers (FFU) in Europe

SEKISUI has announced its decision to open a production plant in the Netherlands for the manufacture of synthetic wood for railway sleepers made from long glass-fiber-reinforced foamed urethane (FFU).
News // 25.11.2020

SEKISUI DIAGNOSTICS announces launch of the OSOM® Ultra Plus Flu A&B Test in Europe

SEKISUI DIAGNOSTICS announces it has received CE Marking (Conformité Européenne) for the OSOM® Ultra Plus Flu A&B Test and has begun marketing in Europe.
Story // 14.10.2020

A modern town only SEKISUI can create

On the old Tokyo plant sites of SEKISUI CHEMICAL in Asaka City, something exciting is happening: the location is the base for a secure, safe and sustainable town built out of SEKISUI products.
News // 23.09.2020

SEKISUI POLYMATECH EUROPE starts production in the Netherlands

SEKISUI POLYMATECH EUROPE as part of the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group will serve the increasing demand for thermal interface materials at a time when sustainability and safety are more important than ever for the automotive sector.
Story // 09.09.2020

Interview with René Venner: A new role within the SEKISUI family

René Venner changed from SEKISUI S-LEC to SEKISUI POLYMATECH EUROPE. We talked with him about the new position and his daily business life.
News // 02.09.2020

SEKISUI CHEMICAL joining the international initiative "RE100"

SEKISUI CHEMICAL has joined the international initiative "RE100" aiming to achieve 100% renewable electricity used in its business activities by 2050.
News // 26.08.2020

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group releases CSR Report 2020

Lately, the company published its CSR Report 2020 to share annual sustainability insights.
Story // 19.08.2020

Never not running: SEKISUI at the Virtual Ekiden race

It is the second weekend of July in times of Covid-19. How do you spend your free time when you are athletic and like running? You join a virtual run, such as the Ellisons 2020 Virtual Ekiden. So did 18 motivated runners from SEKISUI!
News // 29.07.2020

SEKISUI DIAGNOSTICS invests £14.4 Million in cGMP Biopharma CDMO Capacity

SEKISUI announces the decision to invest £14.4 Million in its biopharma CDMO business aimed at cGMP microbial capacity expansion at the existing site in Maidstone, Kent to be completed by the second half of 2022.
Story // 15.07.2020

SEKISUI products in the Medical business

Medical solutions by SEKISUI contribute to the health of society by high quality diagnostics products and make our daily lives safer. Have a look at our animation!
Story // 01.07.2020

Interview with Makoto Sambongi (Managing Director SEKISUI POLYMATECH EUROPE B.V.)

"The group of SEKISUI companies in Europe is very helpful. We can learn from each other.” This is what Makoto Sambongi, Managing Director of SEKISUI POLYMATECH EUROPE B.V., states on the European cooperation.
Story // 04.03.2020

Interview with Tom Hirayama: “In Europe, people do not live to work, they work to live!”

We talked to Tom Hirayama, expat and currently working for SEKISUI CHEMICAL GMBH in Düsseldorf, Germany, and asked him about his expat life.
Story // 10.02.2020

SEKISUI products in the electronic sector

SEKISUI products are part of our everyday life. Who of you knew that SEKISUI offers flat panel displays for smart phones, car dashboards, tablets, cameras and other electronics?! Have a look at the animation and learn more.
News // 05.02.2020

SEKISUI DIAGNOSTICS opens new Bioprocess Innovation Centre

SEKISUI DIAGNOSTICS’ Enzyme business unveiled its new Bioprocess Innovation Centre at its site in Kent – an opening representing the company’s commitment to serve its customers with innovative process development solutions.
News // 30.01.2020

SEKISUI one of the most sustainable companies in the world!

For the third time in a row, SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. has been ranked as one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World – in recognition of SEKISUI’s corporate sustainability performance based on ESG factors.
Story // 04.12.2019

KAIZEN: Continuous Improvement at SEKISUI

KAIZEN is integral to SEKISUI’s culture, a defining philosophy that inspires to constantly evaluate, refine and progress. Every year, there are teams competing against each other at the European KAIZEN convention.
Story // 27.11.2019

FFU® goes UK

SEKISUI CHEMICAL GMBH was partnering with Progress Rail UK to laminate 16 meters FFU® synthetic sleepers for the first time outside of Japan. The project ended with an outstanding construction, customer satisfaction and long-lasting friendships.
Story // 03.10.2019

SEKISUI PIPE RENEWAL develops product configurator for customers

The tool provides a perfect overview of the winding tube technologies and all other services.
News // 01.10.2019

SEKISUI CHEMICAL to expand its presence in the European Automotive Market

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. is expanding its presence in Europe, focusing on the automotive industry and supporting the shift to a connected, autonomous, shared and electric industry with new production facilities.
Story // 08.09.2019

The SEKISUI European Football Tournament 2019

Football unites! Since 2016, employee football teams from all over Europe compete against each other in the annual SEKISUI European Football Tournament. In 2019, the event took place in Herkenbosch, the Netherlands.
News // 02.09.2019


Driving tomorrow with sustainable solutions. At its first appearance at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA), Japanese company SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. presents product innovations for the European automotive industry.
Story // 19.06.2019

“Two heads are better than one”. Insights into the daily working life of Elena Llorens Domenjó

A Laboratory Chemist that does not only love analyses and methods but also travelling and exploring new countries. Get to know one of the employees of SEKISUI SPECIALTY CHEMICALS EUROPE and winner of the silver KAIZEN award: Elena Llorens Domenjó
Story // 12.06.2019

Interview with William Stockburn (Vice President and General Manager of the Enzyme Business for SEKISUI DIAGNOSTICS in Europe)

Have you ever wondered what SEKISUI DIAGNOSTICS is doing? Will Stockburn, Vice President and General Manager of the Enzyme Business for SEKISUI DIAGNOSTICS, explains what the company is actually doing and where the products are used.
Story // 03.05.2019

Interview with Naoya Nishimoto (Managing Director of SEKISUI S-LEC)

SEKISUI in Europe provides a vast array of innovative products and services, engages around 1,000 employees and combines the strength of various great companies. One of these companies is SEKISUI S-LEC – with its Managing Director Naoya Nishimoto.
Story // 10.04.2019

A day in the life of Margarita Negrete Rodríguez

Margarita Negrete Rodríguez from SEKISUI SPECIALTY CHEMICALS EUROPE in Tarragona talks about her typical working day as a lab leader, how she collaborates with her colleagues and what family means to her.
Story // 30.03.2019

Welcome back: Nergis Guzelocak

Returning to the company after maternity leave can be a challenge. But it can also be a very good experience – like for Nergis Guzelocak from SEKISUI SPECIALTY CHEMICALS. What does it feel like to be back in the company?
Story // 02.02.2019

Broadening one’s horizon

Roel Geerbex from SEKISUI S-LEC learned about different departments and gained new perspectives when doing a traineeship within the company. Read more about Roel’s experience and the other challenges he meets in life.
News // 24.01.2019

SEKISUI is again one of the most sustainable companies in the world!

SEKISUI was ranked as one of the most sustainable companies in the world by Corporate Knights. In their opinion, sustainable companies don't just make the world a better place, they offer higher returns and longer lifespans.
Story // 13.01.2019

Intercultural Communication at SEKISUI

Intercultural communication is an essential skill for anyone working for a global company – such as our employees at SEKISUI. European employees now attended an intercultural communication workshop and learned how to avoid misunderstandings.
Story // 05.01.2019

A day in the life of Boudewijn Kock

Optimisation, safety and talking parrots: In "A day in the life" Boudewijn Kock from SEKISUI S-LEC gives us some interesting insights into his week at work and personal life.
Story // 31.10.2018

The SEKISUI European Football Tournament 2018

he annual event is a highlight for many employees as it brings together colleagues from all over Europe and enables to meet people from other SEKISUI companies – from different locations, departments and hierarchy levels.
Story // 31.10.2018

When colleagues become family: friendship for live at SEKISUI ALVEO

After 44 years of sharing good and bad company times, Paul Franssen and Riny van de Venne are still good friends and like to spend their free time together.