Photosensitve Adhesive Resin Series "Photolec"

Liquid specialty adhesives and sealants with extensive range of characteristics and curing mechanisms devided into four main types. Photolec resins are used in divers applications from smart phones and smart windows to high level automotive displays and sensors.


  • Wide choice of curing types: High/low UV-light and/or moisture curing, instant or time delayed curing process.
  • Highest Material Quality: Low contamination (liquid crystal,organic material.etc), low outgas, halogene free grades.
  • Vast range of available characteristics:    Easy dispensible viscosity for flexibility & absorption or narrow designs vs strong adhesive sealants;   low moisture pearmeability up to moisture-proof capabilities; high transparency and refraction or black colored light shielding resins.

Product Line-Up


Display and Sensor Applications in Smartphone or other portable devices

Optical Devices

Photolec resins are commonly used with lenses, filters and sensors as well as for lightproofing of frames and enclosures.

Liquid Crystal Displays

Bonding, sealing and shielding in electronic and automotive applications: HUD, speed meters & Center information Displays.

Curing Mechanisms

The Photolec Series offers resins with several curing options to best fit a variety of applications

Mechanical Properties