Pipe and Sewage Renewal

Winding technologies for rehabilitation of gravity pipelines for diameter dn 150 mm - 5500 mm. Sekisui spiral wound technologies are used all over the world for a time and cost efficient rehabilitation of pipes. These technologies are used for gravity pipelines based on the principle of winding a continuous, factory manufactured, plastic strip into a liner.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Rehabilitation of circular, non-circular and custom shapes
  • Designed for installation in live flow conditions
  • Rehabilitation of curves and bends (>5D)
  • Environmental-friendly installation and application
  • Factory production of the installation materials
  • The economic method on a short and long-term basis
  • Over 4.700 km successfully installed worldwide SPR
SPR EX (DN 150 -1050mm) and SPR TF (DN 800 -1750mm)
SPR EX (DN 150 -1050mm) and SPR TF (DN 800 -1750mm)
SPR PE (DN 900 - 3000mm) and SPR TM (DN 800 -5550mm)
SPR PE (DN 900 - 3000mm) and SPR TM (DN 800 -5550mm)