ESLON Plastic Valves

Sekisui ESLON Plastic Valves – made by Sekisui for chemical and industrial plant. You can select from PVC, C-PVC, PP & PVDF material up to size DN 600.

Sekisui offer ESLON Schedule 80 ASTM range of pipes and fittings in PVC and CPVC. Sekisui is manufacturer of the ESLON CLEANPIPE range for UHPW applications in the electronics industry and semiconductor fab.


  • Highest safety standards in design, production and test by No 1 plastic pipe producer in Japan
  • 100% end of line leakage test, ISO 10204 3.1 available
  • Large dimensions available
  • High corrosion resistance by material, high performance sealings and accessories, e.g. composite gearbox


  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Wet scrubber in flue gas treatment
  • Chemical Industry
  • Surface Treatment
  • Minerals + Mining

Product Line Up

Materials available: