The Micropearl product series offers one of the world’s most extensive selection of uniformly, mono dispersed micro particles used in a wide variety of electronic, automotive and architectural applications.

  • Uniform particle size distribution: Coefficient of variation (Cv) ≤ 7%
  • Extensive range of particle sizes 3 μm to 600 μm, with various hardnesses
  • Excellent resistance against heat, chemical substances, organic solvants and voltage
  • Wide usable temperature range of -40 ~200 ℃
  • Specialty funtionalities available: Metal coated types, particles with surface adhesive and light shielding black spacers

Product Line Up / Overview

In order to cater to various requirements and technical parameters, Sekisui offers Micropearls in many different “grades” which each provide an individual solution for specific uses and applications.

Across the various Micropearl grades, one further advantage is the small increment of particle sizes, designed to accurately fit gap sizes or form desired layer thicknesses.

Ranging from standard transparent spacers with varying sizes and material hardness, surface compositions and specialty functions, the current Micropearls series line-up features the following grades: 

Material Hardness and Recovery

Advantages of Plastic Particles

Compared to other materials, the softer types of co-polymeric plastic spacer particles can also be used with fragile and sensitive substrates as well.

Advantages of using low Cv particles

In pursuit of higher definition and accuracy, Micropearls are offered with a specific particle size distribution rating, also known as "Cv value".
For the best possbile gap size control the particle size distribution over the volume of fine particles plays an important factor. In that the "Coefficient of Variation" describes the standard deviation, from a given average particle size. (deviation from i.e. 15µm)
The lower the Cv value, the more uniform the particles are.

Micropearl Specialty Grades

Micropearl AU - Gold Plates particles

Based on the Micropearl SP series, Micropearl AU are metal-coated particles that use SP grade spacers as their core but are plates with gold or other metall compostions. Through their uniform core, the AU grade offer the same uniformity characteristics as their sister grades but allow for added functionality with electric conduction and excellent gap control

Light shielding Black particles

Co-polymer particles with black pigment dispersed, excellent for light shielding properties and resistance to exudation and corrosion. Excellent heat resistance and anti-corrosion product can be used in wider range of application.

Basic Properties