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Water Supply & Drainage

Our polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene pipe products are used in various places such as water supply and hot water supply pipes that lead water from underground pipes into buildings and drainage pipes that release water used in buildings as waste water.

Eslo Hyper

Eslo Hyper is buried under roads for water distribution. Since it is made of high-density polyethylene, the product is highly flexible and capable of absorbing ground displacement caused by earthquakes. Furthermore, the EF adhesion method has been adopted so that the product can be used for configuring a pipeline as a flexible earthquake resistant line.

Eslon HI Pipe Gold

HI Pipe Gold has adopted HI/G resin used in water distribution and supply systems. The product more than double the impact resistance and approximately four time the adhesiveness of conventional HI Pipes, and prevents impact-caused damages during winter and construction work.
The product is now available in clear blue, which makes it easy to check the situation during insertion work and when adhesive is being applied.

Eslon Pipe

Eslon Pipe conforms to all types of drainage facilities. The product does not add color or odor to drains and poses no health threats. The inner surface is smooth and prevents adhesion of rust, bossing, scale and sediment. Stable flow volume is maintained over long periods and the product also has excellent corrosion resistance and hydraulic properties.

Three-layered Pipe

This is a polyvinyl chloride product made by recycling used pipes and joints of the same material, making it an environment-friendly product. It can be used for non-pressure water distribution within a building site.

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