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Building Facilities

Pipe products that are indispensable for architectural facilities have been developed, including those for water and hot water supply, drainage and fire extinguishing.


Eslopex is a long and flexible pipe for supplying cold and hot water. It can be laid out freely underneath the floors and above the ceilings of houses. It is made of cross-linked polyethylene (resin of super high-molecular weight with three-dimensional network structure), and has excellent creep resistance, thermal resistance, low-temperature resistance and has been properly dechlorinated. Included in the product line-up are header system components.

Super Eslo Metax

Super Eslo Metax is used as supply pipe for cold and hot water. It is light-weight and flexible, and retains form when bent. The inner and outer surfaces are of cross-linked polyethylene and the intermediate layer is made of aluminum alloy. As such, the product has the merits of both plastic and metal pipes and can be used safely in high-temperature regions.

Eslon HT Pipe

This is a polyvinyl chloride pipe for hot water supply. The thermal conductivity is about 1/360 of steel pipes, and the product can be used more safely in higher temperature regions than the conventional polyvinyl chloride pipes. It also has excellent durability and heat retention properties.

Eslon LP

This is a polyvinyl chloride-lined steel pipe for water supply. The inner surface of durable steel pipe has been lined with corrosion-resistant and hygienic rigid polyvinyl chloride. It is a clean pipe that never makes water rusty, and is highly durable and corrosion-resistant.

AC Drain

This is a polyvinyl chloride pipe for draining waste water from air conditioners. It is equipped with heat insulation function, so heat insulation work is completed at the same time with piping works. There is no need for separate heat insulation work. Since the product is covered with a heat insulation layer of foam material, dew condensation on the whole pipe system can be prevented without additional heat insulation material.

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