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Sekisui, a pioneer of plastics processing, offers a wide range of medical-related products based on our unique polymer technology to support the medical field and people's health.

Product Lineup

Reagent for Syphilis Test

syph_reagWe have developed the world's first reagents for syphilis test for automated analyzers.

Serum Separating Gel (GEL)

We are the world's first manufacturer to commercially produce plastic vacuum blood collection tubes. Based on these technologies, we’re offering the Serum Separating Gel as an intermediate for the vacuum blood collection tubes.

Blood Clotting Accelerant (BCA)

syph_reagWe are offering the Blood Clotting Accelerant (BCA) as an intermediate for the vacuum blood collection tubes.

Daiichi Pure Chemicals' Diagnostic Reagents

daiichiSince October 2006, Daiichi Pure Chemicals became a member company of Sekisui Chemical group. Based on the development capabilities in the lipid area, this business involves manufacturing and marketing medical diagnostic reagents, regarding life-style related diseases and infectious diseases as targeted diseases.

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