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S-LEC Film (PVB Interlayer)
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Products / S-LEC Film (PVB Interlayer)

An interlayer film for laminated glass that shields not only UV radiation but also sound and heat, it has become essential for the automotive and building markets, where higher functions are required. S-LEC Film was developed using our reliable technological acquired from more than 30 years of experience. It has the basic functions of safety (eliminates the scattering of glass shards following an impact or gale), security, and UV shielding, as well as the higher functions of sound and heat insulation. It makes glass not only comfortable but also decorative and energy-saving.

Product Lineup

Standard interlayer films

Interlayer film that renders glass impenetrable and shatter-resistant. It is widely used in automobile windshields and for architectural purposes. It has the functions of safety and security, and filters more than 99% of UV radiation.

High performance interlayer films

High performance, high value interlayer film: It provides sound insulation to produce a quiet space, and heat resistance to control increases in interior temperature, in addition to the normal functions of safety (impenetrability and shatter-resistance).

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