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Sekisui Heim Steel Frame

Advancing Modern Design
Using techniques passed down from ancient times, Japan has developed houses suited to its distinctive climate. For example, there are strong structures resistant to earthquakes and typhoons. Open indoor environments allow for comfortable living during the summer.
We offer functional and beautiful housing which has a unit, steel moment-resistant structure and incorporates the unique characteristics of Japanese housing. By ultilizing our abundant product lineup we can give shape to your ideas.


Our commitment to functionality resulted in choosing the simple form of a flat roof.
Our commitment to strength has resulted in using natural porcelain tiles for the outer walls.
Our efforts have achieved the ultimate functional beauty, which will be loved by people for generations to come.

Heim BJ

Large windows and a spacious atrium.
The no-partition concept has provided the potential for a new type of housing.
The indoor space is designed to fit your lifestyle.
The scenery outside the window is integrated into the indoor space design.
Simple and modern- the ultimate in functional beauty.

Two-U Home Wooden Frame

Modern Japanese Private Home
Two-U homes, inspired by North American two-by-four construction, are modified to suit the Japanese climate.
Two-U homes make full use of the characteristic of wood to suit both modern and traditional styles.
Wide-ranging variety is realized by blending the best of Japanese and Western elements of the past and present.
Lasting beauty; the fruit of our efforts to achieve flexibility and the amalgamation of ideas.
The longer you live in it the more comfortable you will feel… our goal is to build such a modern Japanese private home.

Grand Two U

To build a house that is comfortable to live in - this is what everybody wants. Our response to your desire for the most comfortable house is this: A house with a strong, high quality structure, built by making full use of the excellent characteristics of wood via the "2 x 6" unit construction method which offers high thermal insulation and air tightness. Reaching for the ideal home… Sekisui Heim has laid the path to a new age in Japanese housing.

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