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Reinforced Plastic Pipes

These pipes are made of materials that combine glass fiber of high tensile strength with resins and aggregates. The pipes have large allowance at the socket connection and are highly elastic and flexible, so they can follow ground displacement during earthquakes. They are also compatible with foundations made of crushed stone.

Eslon RCP

This is a composite reinforced plastic pipe product with high strength to withstand loads. It has been used widely as main drainage conduits at airports and housing lots under development, and for carrying agricultural water.

FP-L Method

In this method, light-weight reinforced plastic pipe with excellent durability, hydraulic properties and earthquake-resistance has been adopted as the secondary lining, thereby reducing the outer segment diameter significantly. The construction period can be shortened dramatically since no casting work is done at sites.

Drop Shaft

In this product, a spiral guiding channel has been placed along the inner surface of reinforced plastic pipe, to allow liquid to flow down spirally. The space for the manhole can be made smaller compared to the multistage head drop method, and scouring on the floor and walls caused by drainage splash can be prevented. The product offers high corrosion-resistance and ease of maintenance.

Lift-in Method

This method brings deteriorated conduits back to life and makes them high-strength, high-performance and corrosion-resistant, by utilizing light-weight, high-strength and earthquake-proof Eslon RCP as the rehabilitation pipe. The method minimizes construction processes and traffic restriction and helps reduce costs.

Rain Station

This is a rainwater retention and infiltration system built by just piling up plastic materials with human labor. Compared to the reinforced concrete facilities conventionally used for preventing rainwater outflow, the system enables cost reduction in every aspect from design and construction work to maintenance and management.

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