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FFU (Fiber-reinforced Foamed Urethane)

This is a light-weight corrosion-resistant structural material of rigid- foamed urethane reinforced with long glass fibers. While FFU has sufficient strength as a structural material, its weight is as light as wood, and it exhibits excellent workability, durability and water resistance. FFU has been used widely in railway construction, water supply and drainage systems, civil engineering works, architectural works, plant facilities and aquaculture.

FFU Synthetic Sleeper

This is a sleeper for railway tracks. Its weight is about the same as lumber, and man-hours for construction work can be reduced. It has excellent workability and can be designed to suit site specifications. The product also has high durability and insulation properties, making its service life tremendously long. Thus, frequency of replacement can be minimized.

FFU Covering Lid

This is a covering lid for processing tanks at sewage treatment facilities and water purification plants. Its weight ratio is similar to wood, so the lid floats even when it falls into the tank. In addition to covering lid, FFU has been used widely for products used at water treatment facilities such as stop-logs, flight plates, flocculation blades, current plates and partition plates.

FFU Anchor Wall

This is an anchor wall for the landslide control anchoring method. It is light-weight (1/3 that of concrete plate) and does not require heavy equipment for placement. Work can be done safely and smoothly. A wide range of sizes, forms and colors are available to suit various conditions at construction sites.


This is a direct shield takeoff and carrying method in which a FFU earth retaining wall is built at sections of a shaft where a shielding machine passes through. Since direct excavation of the earth retaining wall is possible using a shielding machine, the scope of ground improvement work can be cut down. The method contributes to shortening of the construction period and reduction of cost and noise.


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