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Polyethylene Pipes

These are pressurized polyethylene conduit systems that respond to the drainage needs in small villages and mountainous areas where the conventional natural flow method cannot be used. The systems fit well with the natural contours of various areas and contributes to the development of drainage systems.

Cyback System

The system collects drainage by vacuuming in areas with population of several hundreds to thousands where the natural flow method is difficult to use. Drainage collected from 1 to 20 households by the natural flow system via pipes buried at shallow depths is received by the vacuum valve unit and then vacuum transported to the vacuum station.

Urban No-Dig Method

In this method, polyethylene pipes are drawn underground without excavating. Drills are operated from above the ground to lay new pipes. The work can be completed in half the time necessary for excavation methods, thereby minimizing ground surface destruction, traffic blockade, noises and construction wastes.

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