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The demands on drainage conduit rehabilitation have grown each year, as the number of reinforced concrete drainage conduits that are aged beyond the service life has increased. Our rehabilitation methods are compatible with drainage of small and large diameters, and realize environment-friendly and speedy works without excavating. They can also help reduce repair and renovation costs.

SPR Method

In this method, a rehabilitation pipe is made using a polyvinyl chloride profile, which serves as a lining for an aged reinforced concrete drainage conduit. A unified composite pipe is formed by injecting back fill material in the gap between the existing and rehabilitation pipes. Work can be done while drainage is flowing, and the method can cope flexibly with bent and stepped pipe configurations.

Omega Liner Method

Folded shape-memory polyvinyl chloride pipe is inserted into the existing pipe, which resumes a cylindrical shape and adheres to the inner surface of the existing pipe when heated with steam. In this method, a new polyvinyl chloride pipe is formed inside the existing pipe. It is compatible with both the main and branching conduits.

Survey and Diagnosis System for Conduit Deterioration

The system quickly investigates and makes diagnosis for deteriorated pipes. Elastic shock waves are used for investigating deterioration in conduits that monitoring cameras cannot reveal. Cracks and other hidden defects can be measured quantitatively without destroying the pipes, thus enabling efficient maintenance of drainage systems.

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