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Residential Rain Gutters

Since our rain gutters are made of plastic, their design concepts are represented accurately in their forms, which range from curved soft forms to sharp, linear forms. The material never deteriorates due to rainwater and is perfect for rain gutters. There is no need for rust prevention work on the cut surfaces. The products show excellent durability and workability.

Art Face

This rain gutter product blends well with the roof design by softly "wrapping around" the edge of eaves. It also goes well with the main rain gutter body and smoothly blends in with the roof silhouette and fascia board.

Urban Top

The unique light and shade effect deriving from the soft curves of this product adds elegant hue to the edge of eaves of houses that combine both the Western and traditional Japanese designs. The inner suspension method adds beauty to the straight-lined portion and simplifies the details of connected components.

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