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Exterior Materials

A wide variety of floor finishings and synthetic wood materials are available for use in balconies and terraces that add more fun to daily lives. These products support staging spaces for enjoying nature and thereby enrich daily lives.


Kuregale is a product for decorating balconies. Its soft plastic legs never damage waterproof materials on the balcony floor. The rear side of this product is attached with carbon fiber to prevent electrostatic build-up. Five types of surface finishing are available that can be combined freely: plastic, rubber, ceramic tile, natural wood and natural stone.

Refarre EX

Refarre EX is a material for balconies and terrace decks that offers the softness and natural characteristics of wood. It is a new material with durable plastic added to enhance strength and comfort while retaining the warmth and tender touch of wood. Wooden dust that is left after working with wood materials is processed for use as the main material in the product , making it environment-friendly as well.

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