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  • Stock Exchange Listings: Tokyo, Osaka
  • Fiscal Year End: March 31
  • Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders: end of June
  • End-of-term registration deadline for dividend payment: March 31
  • Mid-term registration deadline for dividend payment: September 30



Increasing the value of our company and then aggressively returning the profits to our shareholders ranks as one of the most important operating principles

for Sekisui. Concerning future distribution of profits to shareholders, we will aim for a dividend target range of 30% on a consolidated basis.

We will strive to carry out a stable dividend policy based on our business results.

In addition, with the standard payment dates kept as the last day of September and the last day of March, we will maintain our policy of paying a semiannual dividend.

In the case of surplus earnings, we will flexibly conduct stock repurchases, and, along with profit distribution to shareholders, we will strive to increase capital efficiency and to raise the value of earnings per share.

Also, regarding retained earnings, we will conduct the activities which are essential to increase the future value of the corporation, including research and development, investment in plant, property and equipment, strategic and financial investment, etc.

Cash Dividends per Share (yen)

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