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What kind of
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What kind of company is SEKISUI?

The Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. meets the expectations of society from the local to the global level by continuously creating value as a "Prominent" corporation.

To contribute to a safe and comfortable lifestyle and the healthy development of the industries that support the realization of such a lifestyle, Sekisui Chemical is involved in a broad spectrum of business operations, as shown in the illustration. Of course, being a manufacturer, we could not possibly make products without imposing some load on the environment. In an effort to protect the earth's resources, we thus incorporate environmental considerations in all stages of our product lifecycles - from development and production to distribution and disposal - in every area of our business. We are involved in extensive environmental efforts: zero emission in all of our plants; practicing reuse and recycling; and engaging in various natural conservation activities in Japan and abroad.

To be able to offer products and services with world-leading quality, function and safety while meeting the demands of the era and the present corporate environment, all of our employees are required to work proactively in their chosen fields creatively, enthusiastically, and with an enterprising spirit. Sekisui Chemical employees possess this "power to achieve" in their genes. Look forward to seeing Sekisui Chemical continue to provide 'prominent' and surprising business solutions.

Safe and Comfortable Lifestyle

We feel pride and affection in our company name, "SEKISUI."
The term SEKISUI, which means "a vast amount of accumulated water", comes from The Art of War, an ancient Chinese book written in the 4th century BC by Sun-tsu, a famous authority on war tactics.

"It is standard tactics for a victor to have his men fight a battle as though he had accumulated a vast amount of water and then all at once let it go thousands of meters deep into a valley."

When applied to our corporate activities, this quote suggests:
We have to develop our business activities by regarding any challenges we face as enemies in a war. To defeat our enemies we must know them thoroughly so that we can be fully prepared to win the war as though we were harnessing the mighty power of accumulated water.

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