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Message from the President
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About SEKISUI Message from the President

Message from the President

Since its founding, Sekisui Chemical has a wide array of products and services for abundant living and a strong social infrastructure. Our current corporate vision is to meet the expectations of our customers, our shareholders, and the local community, as we strive for continued growth.

As society makes the major shift from an age of growth to one of maturity, businesses can no longer survive merely by providing high-quality products. The key to growth lies in the ability to quickly provide optimal solutions to the various problems customers face. To meet the challenges of this new environment, we have implemented a company system tailored to swiftly meet the varied needs of all our customers. Headquarters will be responsible for business strategy as well as the research and development to support the next generation.

In our environmental efforts as corporate citizens, we are working to implement zero-emissions, resource recovery, and recycling at all our plants and conducting environmental protection activities in Japan and overseas under our policy of environmental preservation, environment creation, environmental symbiosis, and information disclosure. I would like to make Sekisui Chemical into an ensemble of companies possessing world-leading technologies in their respective fields. This will require all employees to make world-leading efforts. I am confident that Sekisui Chemical has within its corporate DNA the technical and organizational capabilities to reach world-class levels through employees creatively, enjoyably, and proactively engaging in their chosen work. By turning the coming challenges of the business environment into opportunities, we will strive to be a corporation that can contribute to society at a high level by creating new markets with growth potential.

Naotake Okubo Naotake Okubo, President

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